Our textile filter material is made of polyester fibers that retain even fine particles of dirt over a longer period of time without sticking or collapsing. Our textile filter material can be washed out several times and is suitable for all common filter types. We offer a universal filter medium for fresh and saltwater aquariums. We use only certified and guaranteed pollution-free fibers. This excludes a substance delivery to the water. We guarantee long cleaning intervals.

Handicraft cotton wool

Our handicraft cotton wool “Made in Germany” leaves nothing to be desired – whether you want to make, sew or design something fluffy for your loved ones. Our handicraft cotton wool is used for stuffed animals, puppets, cozy pillows, cat or dog beds. Our handicraft cotton is laid in “zigzag” layers. Thus, we guarantee the simplest handling in pack sizes of 50g to 10kg. We guarantee our constant quality through the use of polyester fibers as hollow- or solid-fibers as well as siliconized fibers. Our fibers are certified according the ÖKO-TEX Standard 100, product class 1. Therefore our used fibers are suitable for the production of toys.

Pillow fillings

It depends on the right pillow filling – whether on the sofa, the armchair or for pillows. For our solutions we use PP030 lightweight fleece with 30g / m2. This thin fleece offers optimum textile character and excellent longitudinal and transverse strengths for outstanding product quality.

For the filling we recommend high density polyester. Our B2B customers like to take polyester fibers as solid- or hollow-fibers or they take siliconised hollow-fibers. On request also different fiber fillings are possible.

With our machinery we are able to manufacture sizes from 200mm x 200mm to 1,200mm x 1,200mm.

All materials are certified according to ÖKO-TEX Standard 100.

Cosmetic cotton wool

Our cosmetic cotton wool is made of super-soft, 100% viscose wadding. This makes our products soft. Our products “made in Germany” are ideal for daily body care and cosmetics. Our certified cotton wool is suitable for every skin type, lint-free and very cuddly. Pack sizes of 200g and 400g are possible. The storage takes place after the proven “zigzag” principle.

Pallet pillow

Building pallet furniture is a new trend. We offer suitable pallet cushions whether as a seat cushion or as a back cushion. We offer you particularly comfortable cushions, which fits perfectly on europallets. Through multiple stitching we achieve a high level of comfort. In addition, the inner lining of our pallet cushions with a size von 120 x 80 cm will not slip. Our pillows are extremely robust and can be cleaned by hand washing.

Our pallet cushions can also be used outdoors. Delivery includes a practical cover as weather protection.

Polishing cotton wool

If you love your car, you will also be caring for it regularly, which of course includes washing and polishing the car. For this purpose we offer car polishing cotton wool for a streak-free polish – made of 100% super-soft viscose fiber. Our car polishing cotton wool “Made in Germany” is guaranteed lint-free and in packages of 200g and 400g per bag – also as OEM-version- available.

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